“a Greek prefix relating to flight and air“


“referring to vines or vineyard“



Jeannie Brown



Born and raised in the Bay Area of California and just a stone's throw from the finest wine regions on the planet, Jeannie followed her passion for winemaking at UC Davis, learning from the world's best. “I know this ages me, but I remember driving through the Napa Valley with my parents in the late 60s, early 70s, and feeling this strange energy…like I knew this valley was going to be really important, not just in my life, but in the world. I was a young girl at the time and couldn’t identify exactly what that energy was, but there was definitely a knowing moment for me.”

Fascinated by the science of enology and viticulture, Jeannie says, “While winemaking is definitely an art, I love geeking out to the chemistry of it all, from the punch downs of active fermentations, (I love that hissing and gurgling sound!), to the tests performed along the way, the unique experience with each variety and vintage is so captivating!”

When not in a vineyard testing Brix or in a winery performing barrel samples, Jeannie loves spending time with her horses. “I even helped deliver our colt, a beautiful Dutch/Hungarian cross. I love this goofy boy. He’s sweet, smart, and dorky – and truth be told, I don’t think he knows he’s a horse yet!”

Jeannie is also an avid supporter of the Sacramento Choral Society and Orchestra, serving on the board of directors. “I love their music! It’s breathtaking - absolutely amazing! I don’t sing, but Zane does. He’s got a beautiful bass voice, and this is how we can participate in the SCSO together – he sings, and I work!” The SCSO is a world-class 160+ voice choral group that tours every-other year. “Summer 2019 takes the SCSO to Salzburg, Austria, Lubjiana, Slovenia, and Zagreb, Croatia. The opportunity to discover more wine regions while touring is always a plus!” says Jeannie.

Jeannie also loves sharing her passion for entertaining and cooking with friends and family. “One of our favorite events is having all 6 of our kids, their spouses, and our 3 grandsons, under one roof. Add to that mix our fabulous friends, and I’m in heaven!”

One of Jeannie’s goals is to help educate people about wine. “As I mentioned, I love California and of course the Napa Valley. But the vines we grow came from somewhere else. And that ‘somewhere else’ has a rich, interesting history…and it’s somewhere we can actually go and visit! Traveling doesn’t have to be about long TSA lines or massive crowds. Zane and I want to remind people that travel can still be romantic, adventurous, and full of discovery.”



Zane Brown

Captain, 787 Dreamliner

Jeannie and Zane Brown Aerovina Estate IMG_4281.jpg

Born in Yellowstone National Park and raised in Montana, Zane caught the flying bug at an early age when his father, Dennis, started buying him balsa wood planes to assemble. After Zane completed the construction of his first little glider, his father presented him with a more sophisticated, rubber band-powered kit. It was then onto motorized, cable-tethered planes – a huge jump in technology!

These early experiences nurtured his passion for flying and at age 16, he soloed in a Cessna 150, earning his pilot’s license and embarking on what would be his career in the sky. It’s been bigger and better planes ever since and Zane is currently a Captain on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

“Luckily, some of my layovers have been in the most remarkable wine areas. When Jeannie comes on trips with me or if we travel together for business or pleasure, we love exploring these regions and learning about their wines,” Zane says. “Travel broadens you. There is so much to discover, so many new experiences out there waiting for you; new friends to meet, foods and wines to try, cultures to learn from…and these experiences are truly life-changing. You don’t come home the same person. All you need is a passport and an open mind!”

Zane’s lifelong career as a commercial pilot has taken him all over the world. But as a California resident, he enjoys spending time studying vineyard design and enjoying the creations of his winemaker wife.